Brendan Armm, DAOM, LAc | Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Brendan Armm, DAOM, LAc

  Brendan Armm, DAOM, LAc - Founder/Director
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Dr. Armm is a board-certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicinal Herbalist both in the state of California and nationally.
He is among the first fifty practitioners nationally to have completed a clinical Doctorate in Orthopedics, Pain Management and Integrative Medicine. In addition to Dr. Armm’s practice with and founding Lotus East-West Medical Center, he teaches Oriental medicine and meditation to the master level students at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

While becoming a licensed acupuncturist, he was named “Student of the Year,” an award presented by the American Association of Oriental Medicine given only to the top student in the country. To enhance his clinical education, Dr. Armm completed a year long doctoral fellowship at Good Samaritan Hospital in downtown Los Angeles, a two year internship under Dr. Zhiyou Qiu, LAc, MD (China) at Emperor’s Doctoral Pain Management Clinic in Santa Monica, and an externship at the Venice Family Clinic. He graduated at the top of his class at both Emperor’s College and Wesleyan University receiving both schools’ highest honors.

Originally from Connecticut, Dr. Armm comes from a family of doctors. He grew up pursuing his western medical dream including assisting in the emergency room at Bridgeport’s St. Vincent’s Hospital, performing research in Immunology and Dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine, shadowing a Cardiologist at Bridgeport Hospital, and working in his father’s Urological private practice.

Being exposed to disease and suffering led Dr. Armm to the practice of meditation to cultivate compassion. Over the next six years, he embodied the value of treating the whole individual and not just the disease. Then, a six-month journey through India opened his eyes and heart to the multitude of holistic healing modalities available around the world. It was also by virtue of other holistic healers that Dr. Armm moved to Santa Monica to study Chinese Medicine at Emperor’s College.

Dr. Armm’s passion extends to other healing modalities including Meditation, Yoga, Ayurvedic Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, Tui-na Massage, Homeopathics, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, and Sound Therapy. Dr. Armm lives in Santa Monica and enjoys traveling to India, Nepal, China, and Tibet and silent meditation retreats both in America and abroad.

He is a member of American Acupuncture Council, American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Integrated Medicine Specialists, and California State Oriental Medical Association. He writes for Acupuncture Today, has written for California Journal of Oriental Medicine and is politically active in the advancement of the Oriental medical field.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Expertise Include:
_ Pain management and orthopedics
_ Integrative medicine
_ Gastro-intestinal disorders and diet/nutritional counseling
_ Anxiety, fatigue, addictions, stress reduction
_ Immune/allergy disorders

Phone: 310.828.8258

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Migraine Clinic Thursdays
If you or someone you know suffers from migraines, Dr. Brendan Armm now offers special target medical support on Thursdays. Living with migraine headaches for over 25 years himself, using acupuncture and Oriental medicine, diet/nutrition recommendations, exercise and lifestyle recommendations, and meditation instruction, Dr. Armm can help you or someone you know lessen their frequency, intensity and the duration of each migraine episode. Contact the front desk staff to schedule these special Thursday treatments, and get control over of these headaches.

Continuing Education with Dr. Armm
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       Meditation I: Introduction to Meditation (2011)
       Meditation II: The Yin Organs (2010)

       Meditation CD’s:
               Complete Introduction to Meditation (2006) guided meditation practices only, no lecture and no class discussions
               Guided Meditation Class I - Limited Edition (February 21, 2003)

               Guided Meditation Class II - Limited Edition (April 2, 2003)

Meditation I

Introduction to Meditation
10 hour audio course taught by Dr. Armm

Recent Publications:
1. Armm, B. (Spring/Summer 2008) "Opening the Door to Effective Pain Management for Millions of Americans: Acupuncture from a Neuro-Physiological Perspective". California Journal of Oriental medicine (CJOM). Vol. 19, No.1, pg. 20-21.   read complete article in .pdf

2. Armm, B. (April/May, 2008) "Space to Heal". AAAOM, Qi-Unity Report. Practice Management.

3. Armm, B. (November, 2007) "Stones in the Urinary Bladder". Acupuncture Today. Vol. 08, Issue 11.

4. Armm, B. (September, 2007) "Oriental Medicine and Migraines". Acupuncture Today. Vol. 08, Issue 09.

5. Armm, B. (October, 2005) "Lung + Liver = Liberation". Acupuncture Today. Vol. 06, Issue 10.

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Book Publication:
In 2009, Dr. Armm published a book for children titled, “On The Way To Find Out”.
This little book is a short story of a tiny flower bud. As the baby of a large family, the bud learns many things from his mother the dogwood tree, father the sun, aunts and uncles the tree branches, cousins the leaves, and older brothers and sisters the other flowers. The tiny flower bud loves stories, especially those of ADVENTURES... hoping only one day to have one of its own.

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Recent Testimonials:
About Dr. Brendan Armm: "Lotus East-West is truly a healing sanctuary. The atmosphere is geared to the individual experience. Dr. Brendan Armm is a talented, thoughtful and caring practitioners”. - E.L.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: "This has been for me the difference between misery and not just hope but the experience of well-being”. - H.H.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: "Dear Dr. Armm. I am so happy to hear from you... (1) I never use my cane anymore... Yesterday, my neurosurgeon said I have 6 more months for optimum return of the dorsiflexion action in my ankle. In fact, my husband mentioned after the appointment that I should go back to see you. He said my ankle was doing better with the acupuncture. (2) I had the best news when I went back to Tulsa last month - I am in remission. That is definitely a miracle with Stage 4 breast cancer. Thank you for following up with me". - J.M.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “I enthusiastically look forward to my sessions with Dr. Brendan Armm.  Dr. Armm brings a combination of humor, intelligence and commitment.  The acupuncture work we have done along with the targeted herbal formulas and Dr. Armm's suggestions concerning diet and exercise, have made a significant difference in many areas of my life.  My anxiety and irritation have been greatly reduced.  A recurring pain in my abdomen has virtually disappeared.  I have more energy.  My cholesterol -- which has been high for my entire adult life -- has fallen by approximately 50 points.  To top it all off, I lost most of my hair after college and am now noticing the first signs of hair regrowth!  Who could ask for more?” - M.Y.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Hi Dr. Armm. Vast improvement since our 4th session last Tuesday. The pain (or more like a discomfort at this point) is minimal and localized and diminishing everyday. I don’t feel it in the morning which used to be the worst time of day for it. Also, my energy level the last few days has shot way up. I have now cut back coffee to half a cup in the morning and then I switch to green tea. Hope to cut it off completely soon. Thanks again for your healing hands and heart". – R.P.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “I have had acupuncture many, many times over the past 20 years.  Mostly women in their 60's+ that came from China and had worked in hospitals there.  When Dr. Brendan Armm walked in to treat me I was shocked.  A WHITE, YOUNG, MALE.  I was ready to get up and leave as I thought how can he help me.  Good thing I stayed.  I have never had a more accurate, precise, effective series of treatments in my life.  He is truly a healer.  Calm, caring, good listener and non judgmental.  I have never gone to anyone but him since.  East-West is a clean, relaxed, calm atmosphere.  One is greeted with kindness, understanding and a cup of tea!  They also will give you a breakdown bill to submit to your health insurance company.  Thank you East-West for making my life more comfortable!” - D.A.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: "I chose to work with Brendan to resolve nerve damage to my ankle caused by surgery 8 months prior. Within a mere 30 days, Brendan's skill and expertise "woke -up" parts of my ankle and allowed me to become active to the point of normal activity. I was amazed, and so was my surgeon, and would recommend Brendan's expertise in Acupuncture without hesitation". - H.R.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “I came to Dr. Armm in early 2006 with concerns about the level of my cholesterol. My cholesterol was a high 241. I found it very confusing because I was a serious ballet dancer most of my life and then became a personal trainer, always trying to be healthy and worked out often. I didn’t know what “healthy” was until I started with Dr. Armm. Dr. Brendan Armm has truly changed my life! Within 6 months of seeing Brendan and having acupuncture on a weekly basis, he changed my cholesterol from 241 to 191! He had me take red yeast rice and oriental medicines to help lower the cholesterol and calm my energy. Not only did Brendan help lower my cholesterol but he helped me truly understand balance in my life. The individualized tips he gave me have made a world of difference. He helped me become more aware about what I eat and don’t eat. Dr. Armm feels like an old friend you knew for years. He has an amazing ability to zero in on exactly the issues you are dealing with. All of his knowledge and enthusiasm is like a magnet that draws you in. Brendan’s philosophies and practice have kept me motivated towards living a healthy lifestyle. He is very informative, compassionate and has a great deal of knowledge and generosity. I am truly grateful to Dr. Brendan Armm for being so motivational. It’s easier to breathe throughout the day knowing that I feel and AM so much healthier. Thank you SO much, Dr. Armm! All the best, G.C.”

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “My experience at Lotus East-West Medical Center was an extremely positive one, to say the least. Following my spinal fusion I needed acupuncture to treat my ongoing symptoms of back pain, and Dr. Armm and his staff could not have done a more warm and professional job of handling the procedures, from the minute I walked into the door until I had left. Dr. Armm's administration of the acupuncture was skilled, confident, and quick. Overall it was a very comfortable and reassuring experience”. - C.W.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dr. Armm is an excellent acupuncturist and I feel a great sense of confidence when I refer my patients to him.  He's a good human being as well”. - Dr. R.M.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dr. Brendan Armm is an excellent Acupuncturist friend of ours. I have been going to him for 3 years. He is a Yogi as well. He thoroughly listens to you and examines you by taking your pulse. He has brought me back to balance and optimum health. I highly recommend him. Take care, I.DS.”

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dr. Armm: Thank you very much for yesterday's treatment of my piriformis and other issues. I was very impressed with the time you took to understand my overall health and your knowledge of Chinese medicine. Also, you were very empathetic and made me feel very comfortable. I feel much better today. When I got out of bed I did not feel the same pain I was feeling for the last week. I feel a little pressure (tightness) in the left lower back area but no pain. The only area where I felt some discomfort today was my left quad. It's almost as if the pain up and down my left leg was concentrating in the quad area, but at a lower threshold of pain. I am not taking anymore of the Indocin. I look forward to the follow-up next week and continuing towards better health under your guidance. Thanks again”. – R.P.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Thank you, Dr. Armm, so much for your attention to my condition.  Please know that I highly regard your perspective on it. You raise the bar for future doctors. Nearly all of your recommendations I have observed except in moments of sheer laziness.  The laziness is the heart of the issue, and I will continue to pray and meditate on that.  Although I have no doubt that getting to bed earlier would help me, staying up late is still part of the flow of my "world", as this email testifies.  I am in bed, though, as soon as I click "send"! Large daily doses of Tylenol are almost as good, with about the same short-term effect, if not as relaxing, as our treatment together--which is to say that the treatment was effective, longer-lasting, and I believe likely to become more and more so. Thank you again and God bless you, T.W.”

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dr. Brendan Armm, I have to give you feedback. You are a phenomenal acupuncturist. Oh my god! First of all, I am sitting there. It’s about 6 pm at night, and my pulse or should I say my heart is beating at about 62 beats per minute; it’s just humming like a baby. And my cough, well, it’s gone. After I left you, such rage came up in me. I didn’t realize I was so mad that I had had that conversation with a family member yesterday that was really, pretty horrible. I just stuffed it. I didn’t realize I had stuffed it. For like two hours, I was enraged and then I got through it. And, I feel great! Wow. What an acupuncture session! I felt compelled to give you that feedback. You are really good at this. Thank you. I will come and get treated by you every time I’m in town. The next time will be in May. It was great seeing you, and it was great connecting with you. Take care”. - D.M.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “I write to let you know that the 'reset' point we tried in our session on Saturday (in the ear?) seems to have worked really well. I find myself with a clearer perspective and a sense that things can be done/managed. Thanks, M.H.”

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Hey Dr. Armm. I just wanted to thank you for helping be and being so generous.  You help me so much.  I felt so much more balanced and able to function which was really important so I could take better care of ...  Thanks again for your care”. - J.Z.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Hi, my friend: I had a wonderful experience being treated by you. You, my friend, have the gift. Let’s meet again and continue visualizing possibilities”. - E.D.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Hello Dr. Armm. Just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for your treatment. I have been going to Yoga the last week and it feels good. I still feel some soreness and one day after wearing poor shoes to work I regretted that decision down deep in my back, but otherwise I feel on the mend. I am implementing a lot of the advice you gave me and just wanted to let you know, I think your work really helped and I appreciate you and your talent. Thank you, again”. - B.C.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “It was such a pleasure working with you yesterday. You are a great practitioner and since our appointment together I will definitely refer people your way.  You have a warm presence and a professional manner. I felt really safe and taken care of during our session.  Thank you so much!” – H.K.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Namaste, Dr. Brendan Armm!  I am doing much better than when we saw one another and I just started school yesterday.  I practice the technique that you taught me.  It does seem to help.  Overall, I think the treatments that you gave me and the time we spent just talking about what was going on was a tremendous catalyst in waking me up once again to what is going on in my body and stimulating me to take action to change it... I remain very grateful for the treatments you provided and hope you have many coming through your door who can receive the benefit of acupuncture through your hands.  Much love and gratitude”. - A.T.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dr. Brendan Armm really helped my foot. The swelling is totally down now. He gets it! I am very excited. I have never had it before, or knew much about it. I’m sold. I have tried Chiropractors and other things, and they didn’t work. Please thank him for me. I am all over it now. I want to hear his suggestions about other health related things. He is a real miracle man”. - A.S.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “I sent him because I know that you are a great healer. He would like the focus to be on his lungs. I would even ear seed him to make sure he reduces his craving for the cigarettes. He will be fine. He is in good hands”. - Dr. D.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dr. Armm, Congratulations!!!!  This is truly amazing, and I am so happy to see what you have done.  Enjoy all of it man.  You are an inspiration in so many ways, and I have learned so much from you, and will in the future”. - D.R.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “The acupuncture helped sooooo much!! Day 2 of being home and haven’t taken allergy meds yet!!! It’s the first time I have had relief since my allergies started in April”. - A.A.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dear Dr. Armm. My beach Yoga class went really well with about 80 people in attendance. Thanks to you I felt much better and stronger with a voice and stamina to teach in the outdoors. Thank you for always taking care of me in the most comprehensive, efficient and caring way. Love, I.DS”

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “I've been meaning to tell you how fantastic the session was for me last week. Its effect seemed to reside within me long after I walked out your door. Looking forward to next week, when we can discuss it further”. - B.L.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “… was speaking with ---, a lovely Santa Monica-based playwright I know, last night on the phone.  She knows you both from Sacred Movement and you have also stuck needles in her once.  She says hello and was singing your praises!” – A.E.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Reporting in on my condition, lungs are clear. Energy's good. Slept like a baby. Thought you'd want to know. Thanks, doc. You've got the Gift”. – J.A.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Thanks SO much, Dr. Brendan Armm.  My life would have not been nearly so happy and healthy without acupuncture”. – D.K.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Thanks for everything. You are truly an inspiration! Lots of Love”. - J.J.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Great Job, Man”. – B.B.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dr. Armm, I hold your work in high esteem! Peace, F.A.”

Dr. Brendan Armm: “You are amazing, Brendan!” – T.F.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: “Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I think you are an amazing healer and friend”. – R.S.

About Dr. Brendan Armm: "Dear Dr. Armm. Thank you for all that you do and the healing that you bring to the lives of those you work with through your center. I feel my work with you has been very transformational both for the body and mind. I look forward to working more with you and staying healthy and grounded in 2009. All the best, E.D."

About Dr. Brendan Armm: "Hello Dr. Armm... Thanks for helping me heal my kidney, I've had no more of those symptoms". - P.D.


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