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Won mi Lauren Kim, LAc

  Won mi Lauren Kim, LAc
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Won mi is an Acupuncturist licensed by the state of California. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, CA. She received her undergraduate degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego with a sub-minor in Psychology. Won mi is also board-certified in Orthopedics by the Academy of Orthopedic Acupuncture. Her other specialties include: stress management, psycho-emotional disorders, women’s health, digestive issues and lifestyle counseling.

Won mi works with an integrative, energetic mind-body approach to help her patients heal from injury, stress, illness and imbalance. In conjunction with her formal acupuncture studies, she has also studied Sacred Acupuncture extensively with Adam Atman and utilizes techniques such as qi gong, tui-na and visualizations to achieve optimal results.

Phone: 310.828.8258

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Recent Testimonials:
About Won mi Kim: "I have experienced such tremendous healing with Won mi. I visited her due to physical ailments but ended up addressing trauma from my past that was affecting me emotionally and physically. I never knew such healing was possible with acupuncture! Won mi is gentle in her manner and in her practice, and I trust her implicitly. 3 years later and I attribute so much of my healing and moving forward in my life to acupuncture with Won mi. I am eternally grateful, and continue to visit her whenever I feel like I need a 'tune-up'." - S.S.

About Won mi Kim: “Dr. Kim is intuitive, effective, and a great healer. Her ability to diagnose and assess situations and symptoms is amazing. A true blessing”. - I.E.

About Won mi Kim: "Dr. Kim is an exceptional healer. I am by nature a bit skeptical of non-traditional, non-western modalities, but at the urging of my wife, a patient of Dr. Kim's as well, I went to see Dr. Kim. I now have a profound new respect and admiration for acupuncture, and more, specifically Dr. Kim's abilities. From within minutes into my first treatment I noticed so many positive things happening. My mental, physical and emotional health have improved by leaps and bounds in the time I have seen Dr. Kim. I am experiencing amazing reductions in body pain (back, neck, shoulders), greatly improved flexibility (I used to traverse stairs very cautiously fearing tripping on the steps, now I bound up flights of stairs skipping a stair between each step), my focus, discipline and motivation have improved greatly, and my outlook on life is much more positive - I also feel lighter on my feet and more agile... I could go on and on, but to put it simply, Dr. Kim is amazing at what she does and has made me feel so much better than before my treatments with her". - M.McC.

About Won mi Kim: “Won mi is a great addition to your team. I have high regard for her work and knowledge. She makes trying to be “healthy” easier”. - W.S.

About Won mi Kim: “Dr. Kim has been a blessings in my life. She has made acupuncture a wonderful experience for me. She is a kind, gentle, and effective healer. The Lotus East-West Medical Center is a relaxing and pleasant environment. I highly recommend Dr. Kim and Lotus East-West Medical Center”. - K.H.

About Won mi Kim: “Dr. Kim is a gifted natural healer and she brings great intuition and a gentle touch to her practice. She has helped me tremendously and I strongly recommend her to all”. - S.S.

About Won mi Kim: “Won mi Kim is extremely caring and a wonderful acupuncturist. She is very patient, gentle, and a great listener. My 10 year old son is seeing her for a skin rash and he loves the sessions. We've seen results already after only 2 sessions”. - Dr. K.E.


Tel: 310.828.8258

2222 Santa Monica Blvd,

Suite 105

Santa Monica, CA 90404